Master Plan Update Overview

The City of Anderson last prepared a master plan for the Anderson River Park in 1983, and now wishes to update that plan to reflect current community needs and recreation trends. Anderson River Park is jointly owned by the City of Anderson and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). While the Anderson River Park Master Plan Update will examine and document conditions throughout the entire park area, no changes or new facilities are anticipated on the CDFW owned portion.  The ARP Master Plan Update will provide clear direction that can be used to guide future development and use of the park.

The Master Plan Update also includes an environmental site analysis of the park and an evaluation of opportunities and constraints that reflects community needs and interests. It will also provide specific recommendations, associated costs, and an implementation strategy. Additional elements associated with the Master Plan Update include development of a funding plan to help implement the recommendations, and keeping the community and decision makers informed about the project.

25 thoughts on “Master Plan Update Overview

  1. It would be a wonderful addition to the childrens park if equipment was incorporated for older kids. There are some wonderful playgrounds being created for the ten and over crowd to keep them moving, but most importantly happy and playing. They still are kids for as long as we let them be. Childhood is a journey, not a race and kids should still play into their tweens- let’s create something that can create this type of place for kids stuck in this awkward age:).


    • I agree with you, it would be nice to have equipment for older children. I would also like to see that the equipment that we do have be fixed and REPLACED, it seems like some of the equipment like the swings and the tire swing have been damaged, but they have never been replaced.


  2. It would be great to be able to have a parks and rec baseball league, a city pool, and a skate park that kids could feel safe to go. Our current skate park is filled with kids smoking pot and vandalizing everything. This town is getting out of control and something needs to be done.


  3. I think a great addition to the park would be a large covered eating area similar to what they have at Caldwell Park in Redding.. This would provide needed shade in the hot months and, extend the picnic season during the possible wet/wetter months.


  4. We have our Memorial Family picnic every year at the Anderson River Park, in the gazebo. Please leave the gazebo, the fans, the barbecue in the park or just improve them, but please leave them. The grass and tree’s are beautiful, please leave them in the park! Thank you!


  5. My concern is that the undeveloped parts of the park remain that way.

    Anderson River Park is a tremendous asset to Anderson, a wonderful relic of the Sac’s riparian woodlands, easily accessible, and one in which even a casual walk will reward you with views of eagles, ospreys, river otters, beaver, foxes, coyotes, and even an occasional cougar, as well as a cool, moist, shady bubble of coolness on hot summer days.

    “Develop” those areas already “developed.” Leave the rest to the many, many of us not often seen in the picnic areas, but rather on foot, often with our dogs or on horseback, in the wild areas, where we no NOT interfere with other activities.

    And…PLEASE. PLEASE increase police patrols ON those trails. As a several times a day hiker in this park, along with my dog, and often in some of the most remote parts of the park, I can say that there is a surprising transient population, some “long term,” living, in the park. The combination of transients, alcohol, and this region’s bone dry summers are a recipe for a fire disaster there — one of which, as many of is know, DID occur along the river there several years ago, burning a number of acres of the park, along the river.

    There are also AMAZING numbers of private cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s and such ON these HIKING trails — which are obviously prohibited, but which can still easily access the park’s hiking trails in a number of places, and most certainly do so. They do not belong there.

    A formal volunteer sign-on park watch? Eyes and ears and feet on the trails? With APD ready to listen and respond to problems? This WILL be needed soon, as more and more folks, both good and bad, gravitate to the park — and they ARE. Every years seems to bring an increase, in the undeveloped areas anyway, of hikers, equestrians — and transients.




  6. Most important, a fenced in dog park. I would like to see a map of future ideas and plans. Please do not commercialize our park!!! What ever you do stay away from private property, leave plenty of space between the two. Prevent speeding cars with road bumps.Between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning it is like a race track. Please have maps at the meeting on S
    eptember 10th


  7. Myself as a Senior living in the River Park Estates Mobile Home Park I am concerned about opening up more places for the public to come into our small quiet little bit of peace and nature the place we call home. Fire, trash and property crime could be a real threat to us senior citizens. There has been a lot of people talking about a fenced dog park for a while now, which the city has no interest in. I don’t think more walking trails ball fields or other projects the city may have plans to expand within the park are an asset until we can be protected from what is already going on around town.


  8. All of the comments above have some merit. In reviewing Foothill Associates clients and completed work, I’m comforted that excellence in design would be the end product for our park.

    A concern that I’ve heard is maintaining privacy in properties adjacent to the proposed trail from Stingy Lane to the park. I would agree that some means of maintaining the privacy while allowing pedestrian and bicycle traffic to flow through the vacant land is important. With good planning and design, I think this could be done adding interest and access to the park while safeguarding the privacy of neighbors.


  9. All great comments. As I looked over the project schedule I saw a “fundraiser plan”. If you are planning on adding more trees maybe you could get people or clubs to sponsor a tree or trees. Just remember tho, they must have water. Great park and useful in many ways plus the city works so well with you on anything you want to do there! Kudos!


  10. A swimming hole is a beautiful, versatile, and valuable addition to any community park. I think a lot of people in our community would love to enjoying picnics, sunbathing, safe rafting and cooling off at the Anderson River park. Especially since the Anderson High School pool hours are now only open for 2 hours a day, during summer break.
    I also think we could use more bike trails and picnic tables.


  11. Anderson needs a place for kids to swim for more than 2 hours during the summer. A swimming hole would be great!! The park also needs more covered shade.


  12. As a horse rider and driver the park is well suited for horses. I also mountain bike and walk the park. The horses have enough room to stay out of the way of most other activities and impact very little on the park. They actually help keep the un-paved nature trails open for walkers and bicyclists. An additional trail along the paved road headed back to the parking area would be a great addition as horses would not need to walk on the main road to access some of the trails. Parking for trailers is a concern as we lost one area to the disc golf course. Parking by the nature building is available if needed but not ideal as a dirt surface is preferred for footing. Trail access is good but a few trails need to be trimmed up in order to access them at this time near the parking area. Trail heads need a minimum of four feet to access safely and some get blocked by parked cars at times. Keeping those accesses open for horses and others who may use a walker or other device are important as is keeping rouge automobiles out while allowing at least 4′ to 5′ of space to access the trails.
    Parking for trailers, access trails along the main roads, and leaving the nature area open for all modes of pedestrian, equestrian, and biking are top on my list to see in the park.


  13. Anderson River Park is a jewel, and a number of events at the park have brought out-of-town visitors to our area. Please provide some restrooms and running water out closer to the air-park and hiking trails. The City seems very committed to providing nature areas as well as allowing well organized events to bring revenue to the area.


  14. I would like to see the Park be properly policed, Before adding anymore areas that maybe potential problems. Homeless people, cars speeding down Rupert,daily and late night noise problem coming from the park all hours of the night.. I believe the park is supposed to be closed at 10p.m.? that’s not happening also and potential fire danger with some high dry grass in some areas.of the Park. Thanks for your time


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